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Choosing a Web Hosting Service Provider

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    1Never use a free hosting site—you get what you pay for. 2Research companies to lower the risk of downtime. 3Don't buy your domain from a webhost.
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When you’re building a new website, choosing the wrong web hosting service can be a frustrating mistake. Although it’s easy to be tempted by one of the cheap and easy options, consider which service is really going to be the best for you. Otherwise you may regret it later.

Assess Your Web Hosting Needs

Is your website going to be your company’s information page or an actual ecommerce store itself? The complexity of your site will determine how many features you need in a web hosting service.

Features that you may not need right at the beginning will become increasingly necessary as your business grows, and will be more expensive down the line if you don’t buy early. Keep in mind that free or cheap hosting servers, which don’t offer as many capabilities or features, often make it difficult or costly to switch or upgrade at a later date.

For your business, never use a free hosting site—you will get what you pay for. Another tip for businesses: never choose a shared server. Stick with a virtual server for an ecommerce store or a dedicated server if your company is going to have a high volume of traffic.

Consider Customer Service Availability

Problems and downtime (when your server is temporarily unavailable) will undoubtedly occur when relying on the worldwide web, so plan accordingly!

  • Check each hosting option to find out what customer services options are provided.
  • You should only consider options that include live customer support or 24-hour email turnaround.

Minimizing the frequency and duration of downtime is crucial to keeping your sales flowing. Do your homework and read reviews of the various service providers and even test the response time through email or support forums.

Compare Features Across the Board

The following features are most important when considering a hosting service. Do your homework on these:

• Storage – unlimited space is rarely needed (or even possible). If a company is offering this, consider it a red flag that their servers could become overcrowded easily.
• Bandwidth – understand what happens if you exceed your bandwidth allowance in terms of cost or downtime.
Uptime claims – a crucial factor, as the difference between 99% and 99.9% is 3 days a year.
• Security tools – consider the type of security you’ll need if you are dealing with processing payments as an ecommerce site.

Weigh Costs Against Features

  • Eliminate plans that have useless features in their bundles.
  • Businesses need reliability and customer service above everything else and these are always worth paying extra for.
  • Don’t buy your domain from a webhost. You can almost always get the domain cheaper from another registry and avoid paying the fee-finding cost of the server.

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