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Buffer’s Lead Generation Strategy: It’s All About Content

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    1Be a part of your buyer's life, not an interruption. 2Create relevant content to engage your audience. 3Giving information breeds reciprocity.
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Lead Generation

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Social media scheduling tools have overpopulated on the internet, and most of them are essentially the same. All of them post to the same networks, all are pretty intuitive, and all cost roughly $10/month.

They’re simple, and they’re similar; however, I swear by the tool Buffer.

It doesn’t really have any different features from any other scheduler, and it’s not cheaper or even better for the most part. I still pay the $10/month with a smile, though, and recommend it to all my friends.

Why? Because the Buffer team provides several hundreds if not thousands of dollars of value to me every month for free.

In order to market their scheduling tool, the team at Buffer doesn’t pay for lots of ads, and I didn’t hear about them because of a pop-up ad or a sleight of hand marketing campaign. Instead, this team blogs about things that I care about: like remote working, the optimum posting times on Twitter, and how to engage an audience more effectively through headlines.

Of all the lead generation strategies they could use, Buffer picked the one that resonates best with almost every audience: becoming a useful resource outside of their income-generating service.

While they never make sales pitches in their articles, their blog provides so much free value to me professionally that I’d almost feel bad not using Buffer for social media scheduling.

And that’s the story of lead generation today – become so valuable to your prospects that they want to buy from you without you even asking.

Become a part of your buyer’s life, not an interruption to it.

In the digital age, the best way to do this is through creating useful content for your prospects.

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