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Bing Stands Out in Latest Adobe Digital Index Report

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Jan 15th, 2015
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    1Bing traffic is higher quality and RPC. 2Google has higher volume and lower CPC. 3Social media is no longer free.
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Search Engine Optimization

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The most recent “Global Digital Advertising Report”, produced by Adobe Digital Index (ADI) has some helpful insights for marketers seeking higher quality traffic. An article on Adobe’s CMO blog, “ADI: For Web Site Traffic, Bing Brings The Bling,” highlighted some of the findings.

Bing vs. Google

1. The report found that overall, websites receive “higher-quality traffic” from Bing vs. from Google.

2. Revenue per visit is also higher from Bing-referred traffic, the report points out.

3. “That said, Google still refers more than 25% of all browser visits to sites in the United States. It also leads in click-through rate (CTR) growth–up 14% year-over-year (YoY), compared with Yahoo/Bing at 8% YoY–and has a lower cost-per-click (CPC) increase, up 4% YoY, compared with Yahoo/Bing at 12% YoY.”

Takeaway: Joe Martin, a Sr. anaylst at ADI suggests optimizing campaigns for Bing first, to benefit from the high quality traffic, and and then migrate to Google to benefit from the higher volume of traffic.


This won’t be a surprise to anyone, but the report found a continued increase in traffic resulting from mobile searches. “In fact, 40% of all paid search traffic will come from smartphones by next year,” the article said.

Social Media no Longer Free

Facebook’s algorithm has changed to favor those who are willing to pay for exposure, Martin said. Since the shift, organic post impressions have decreased by 50%, while paid impressions have increased by 5%.

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