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How to Behave Yourself on Linkedin

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    1It's not enough to register, you have to use it. 2Have a completed profile that reflects your career. 3Be a community member; don't hard-sell people.
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Linkedin is a powerful yet misunderstood tool for promoting oneself as an expert and business leader. Often underestimated as simply a platform for job seekers, it is a network of all the major players in your industry. Due to the misperception of the purpose for the site, many entrepreneurs and startups are missing out on what Linkedin has to offer.

An article by Adam Fridman on lists the major mistakes people tend to make with this unique resource.

“Even though the system reports more than 250 million users worldwide, somehow LinkedIn acquired the reputation as being primarily a tool for job seekers. Or a sort of online resume database. As a result, many entrepreneurs don’t see it as a marketing and networking tool the same way they see Facebook, for example,” Fridman writes.

Even those who do take the step to join the network often do it wrong. For example, he says, “Signing up isn’t enough. If you just open a P.O. Box and don’t tell anyone who you are why you have it, you’ll only get junk mail. LinkedIn is the same way. Don’t leave things blank.

Other common oversights include:

  • Isolating yourself, overlooking the opportunity to connect to groups,
  • Neglecting to reach out to mentors and key influencers in your field, and
  • Not posting content on the platform, thereby missing out on potential exposure.

On the other extreme, the article also warns against going overboard and turning off your audience. “LinkedIn is not Facebook. It is a business tool. So cat photos and latte reviews should be eschewed. LinkedIn content should be about your business, your ideas and your market,” Fridman says.

Finally, this is not the place to spam people with cold pitches. The network is not tolerant of heavy handed hard-sales tactics. Rather, be an active part of the community by offering valued contributions based on your expertise. This indirect approach will take you a lot further with your fellow members.

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