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3 Demographics Trends to Watch

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Jan 27th, 2015
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    1The millennial generation tends to stick close to home. 2Large cities are growing faster than their suburbs. 3Minority children represent a majority of U.S. births.
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Big city revival. Redefining the word “minority.” Millennial immobility. Leading demographer William Frey shared three important trends of our time with the National Journal.

 3 demographic trends to watch:

1. The recession’s after-effects are slowly diminishing.

Although the nation is recovering, millennials are still slow to migrate out of their communities of origin. However, the number of families sharing a house with relatives has decreased, as has the number of young people choosing higher education as an alternative to a dismal job market.

 2. “Large cities are growing faster than their suburbs.”

This is a turnaround from in times past, when moving to the suburbs was a luxury. “There is certainly a renewed interest in downtown living, walkable surroundings, and proximity to a variety of urban amenities,” Frey says. As a result, most large cities grew at a faster rate last year than the year prior.

3. Minority children represent a majority of U.S. births.

Frey points out that, “For the first time in more than a century, it was reported there were more white deaths than births, leading to a natural decrease of the white population.”

In 14 states now, infants of color make up the majority in their age group. Nation-wide, minority children “represent a majority of births,” he says.

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