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Are Social Media Marketers Doing it Wrong?

Kevin Allen
Jan 28th, 2015
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    1Slick media platforms can't replace good writing. 2New technology, same tired old method of advertising. 3Content should be "unique, meaningful and valuable."
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Social Media

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Is social media marketing as we know it dead?

That’s the stance that Jeff Fromm, known widely as “the Millennial Marketing Guy,” is taking, in a manner of speaking. He’s not saying that social media marketing is dead. He’s saying the old way of approaching social media marketing is going the way of Friendster.

In a recent op-ed for PSFK, Fromm stresses the need for more broadly encompassing content strategy that “should be about activating and engaging your digital community in ways that traditional advertising never could.” Marketers are too focused on what the new, hot platforms are without thinking enough about content, Fromm argues.

It’s a valid point. Too often organizations will shoehorn old ways of advertising into new media. It doesn’t fit. It comes across and awkward, inauthentic, and boring.

Content, he writes, should be unique, meaningful and valuable.

The title of the piece may be a bit misleading. He’s not saying that marketers shouldn’t be tapping these platforms to communicate our message. He’s just saying the tired methods of social media marketing are dead.

And sadly, it’s the approach that way too many brands are taking these days.

This article was written by Kevin Allen and published on PR Daily, a daily news site that delivers news, advice, and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media, and media worlds.

Kevin Allen has developed social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies and created content for major brands across multiple social platforms.