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Are Google’s Cloud-Based Business Apps Outdone by Office 365?

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Office 365 is Microsoft Corporation’s much anticipated response to the widely popular Google office applications. When Google first started to launch their office suite applications as a direct competitor to Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft knew they were in trouble.

Google was able to provide a very real office experience for free and from anywhere. Until Office 365, Microsoft was still unable to fully compete because their software applications were not readily accessible without a subscription.

Even though they are years behind Microsoft in their ability to deliver a seamless office experience to the everyday professional, Google quickly became a very real competitor in an industry that has historically been dominated by one company.

Microsoft raises the bar

Microsoft Office 365 has leveraged Microsoft’s robust experience within the IT industry and raised the bar in answer to the competition as they put their emphasis on the Cloud.

They really are talking about a 365 degree experience—when subscribing to Office 365 you can expect to have your office at your fingertips wherever you are.

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Main features

You are able to create, edit and share from your PC/Mac or your IOS, Android or Windows device with anyone in real time.

Microsoft Office 365 allows an organization to create business class email addresses with your company name so you can easily build name recognition and market your business.

Office 365 touts its ability to better assist companies with engaging their customers and colleagues with a wide range of communication tools, from e-mail and IM to social networking and video conferencing.

All the Office 365 applications are cloud-compatible and tailored to increase productivity and brand development.

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Key advantages over the competition

Most people are accustomed to using Microsoft Office over the years, so familiarity and dependable functionality is a great advantage for Office 365.

But the main way Office 365 stands apart is that it also offers you the option to add on a full desktop version, which includes more features and the ability to handle greater levels of complexity and customization.

Microsoft has mastered the “packaging” of their products and it is no different with Office 365, which offers a plethora of options for everyone. Companies of all sizes looking to migrate to a cloud based system can find a version suitable for their needs.

Microsoft continues to shine with Office 365. All the world needs now is a new and improved Internet browser from them, which we’re told is coming soon.

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