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Applications to Make Your Digital Presentations Shine

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Jul 30th, 2015
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    1Prezi, Keynote and Project integrate with PowerPoint. 2Google Slides is a viable alternative to PowerPoint. 3Utilize the appeal of storytelling and have fun.
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Digital presentations are among the most effective ways to convey your ideas visually and inspire audiences to take action.

Since the early days of personal computer use, Microsoft’s PowerPoint has reigned as king for presentation makers and has set a precedent for features and capabilities. But in an ever-growing digital marketplace, small businesses and startups find themselves needing to add extra flair to presentations make their company stand out above the rest.

We happily present to you some of the leading add-ons to PowerPoint to give your company a professional edge to set you apart from the competition.


One of the more well-known customizations for Powerpoint is Prezi, which allows users to create a more cinematic approach to selling a story, idea or service. Think along the lines of a movie or digital story board. Prezi is easily accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet.


Easily exportable to PowerPoint, Keynote offers advanced features including trace animation, additional animation as well as more than 50 different ways to edit and customize. This program is exclusive to Mac and iOS however.


Projeqt offers a creative way to quickly dust off old presentations and make them shine again through a simple upload. Coined the “dynamic presentations for a real-time world”, Projeqt is an online story-telling platform that allows you mesh together text, image, video and feeds within the same “Projeqt.” For social media-based companies, their software allows you to import Twitter, Instagram and Facebook statuses on the fly. Very cool!

Google Slides

Following Google’s tradition of creating duplicate software for just about everything, Google Slides offers a nice alternative to PowerPoint that can be used by those working off of Chromebooks or Google Drive.

This software has come a long way since it was originally introduced and brings to the table some really nice, professional looking slides, templates and animations. Best of all, their software is completely free – you can’t beat that!


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