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Amazing Customer Service Starts With Amazing Business Management

Owen Andrew
Jan 7th, 2015
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Customer Service

Three business people reviewing documents Photo Credit: Salesforce

It’s no secret that all businesses should have great customer service. Fundamentally, that means addressing customers’ needs in a friendly and productive fashion. While attitude has a lot to do with this, even more important is what goes on behind the scenes. Great customer service is not possible without amazing business management, so it is key that you’re making what customers don’t see just as important as what they do see.

Work so your customers won’t have to.

Your website shouldn’t be hard to figure out. The customer should be able to find what they want in a simple and straightforward fashion. A website that’s aesthetically pleasing and helps customers find what they’re looking for will eliminate the loss of potential buyers who are turned off by an over-complicated website design.

By taking the time to make sure your website is at its best, your customers won’t have to be the ones working for what they want. One of the best ways to assess your website is to do some A/B testing. That means certain visitors to your site are viewing either an “A version” or a “B version,” from which you can collect data and figure out what works and what has got to go.

Promote your business to maintain your customer base.

By actively marketing your business, you will make sure you retain customers interested in your product. For example, an email-based newsletter will remind people who have demonstrated interest in your business about current activities, as well as give you a chance to proactively interface with your customers by including authoritative articles or glimpses into your company’s day-to-day operations.

Audience is key when it comes to promotion. You don’t want a newsletter without readers, so make sure that growing your email list is a priority. If you need more email contacts, try putting your opt-in form in a more prominent space on your webpage. More people will notice it, meaning more people will be likely to sign up.

Use the right tools

Point of sale software is one of many tools you could be using to improve your business online. This not only makes payment easier for your customers, it makes managing products and sales a breeze for you. By streamlining the process on both ends, you’re improving everyone’s overall experience, and a flawless experience is what customers are looking for.

Another way to proactively address customer concerns is by providing them with a way to help themselves. 72% of customers prefer self-service to reaching out over the phone or by email. This could mean anything from having a searchable FAQ to implementing tutorial videos that demonstrate your product in action.

Always be improving.

Your business always has room to improve. Not only will old customers appreciate any improvements, but new customers will encounter a better version of your business at the outset. Simplifying your website, including new kinds of content in your newsletter, or adding commonly encountered problems to the FAQ are ways your business can adapt to customers’ needs after already incorporating some of these strategies.

You want customers to come away from their transaction with a great impression of your business. A fun and friendly attitude on the outside with great business management behind it all will keep your customers satisfied—and willing to recommend you to others.

This article was written by Owen Andrew and published on the Salesforce blog.

Owen Andrew is a tech writer and multimedia enthusiast based in Southern California who has spent several years writing for publications both in print and web format.

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