Bio: Laurie Sluser, Founder & CEO

Laurie Sluser, Founder & CEO, has been in small business for more than 30 years. Most recently he was President and General Manager of a national software engineering firm that he helped grow from $3M to $30M in revenues.

He founded a successful national direct marketing company in Canada with his brother-in-law. By its second year, it grew to 100+ salespeople and $5M+ in sales.

Laurie was executive Vice President of a human resources software company. He helped build a suite of software tools that enabled fortune 500 companies to automate their HR operations.

Laurie graduated from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, with a Bachelor of Science. He is happily married to Renee and has a son and daughter-in-law living in Los Angeles.

How it all started

While Laurie was managing the software engineering firm, it became apparent to him that small businesses, even those with marketing and sales budgets, do not have all the resources they need. It was this fundamental belief, that small businesses need support and a place to call their online home, that gave birth to bizHUMM.

In 2014, after 16 years with his company, Laurie decided to create an online platform to help small businesses thrive. It needed accessible content, smart tools and expert advice. That was the basis of bizHUMM. Together with his lifetime friend, Ruby Finkelstein, Laurie began to put together the bizHUMM team. Asher Fergusson, who later became a partner and CMO, brought years of online marketing and SEO expertise. Jerod Pilcher would head up the technology effort. In 2015, they launched the blog and in Summer of 2017, they launched the bizHUMM platform.

They are now creating bizHUMM for small, small businesses. Freelance consultants working on their own or with one or two others. People dreaming of being their own boss and launching a business. Entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses. People working on their own, from home, or juggling multiple jobs.

Our mission

We are committed to creating an online environment that makes sense. That makes starting your business easier. That gives you the answers and solutions to everyday problems. bizHUMM is run by people with extensive small business experience. All the content and tools are being created in a way that is easily understood by small business owners and entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy and benefit from bizHUMM and participate in our small biz community. Let us know how we can improve and we will always try to satisfy you and support your business.

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We have a small but dedicated team working hard everyday to deliver the best possible product for our users and supporters. Laurie Sluser is our CEO and Asher Fergusson is our CMO. Each and every day they dream and strive to create the perfect small business platform. Jerod Pilcher is our Technology Manager and learns way too quickly, but that’s not a bad thing is it? Ruby Finkelstein heads our Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships. Raphael Burnes is our brilliant consultant development lead (he gets what freelancing is all about!).