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Mobile Marketing: it’s no Longer Optional

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Jan 10th, 2015
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    185% of users feel a mobile site should be superior. 2"48% of emails are now opened on a mobile device." 3Most people now use two or more devices in a day.
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Mobile phone technology has influenced commerce in some pretty amazing ways. Not only does a mobile platform encourage brand interaction, easy shopping and customer sharing, it also provides volumes of data for marketers to personalize their approach.

This article by Drew Hendricks, published on points out that the vast majority, 4/5 of consumers, make purchases using their smartphones. Hendricks warns, “This means that if you don’t have a mobile friendly site, you’ll be missing out on customers.”

Now that shoppers have so many options for streamlined, pleasant mobile shopping, sites that are not optimized for mobile won’t be tolerated. The author advises that in order to avoid losing leads and conversions to your competitors, follow these 5 key tips.

5 Mobile Strategy Tips:

  1. “Get Responsive”: Responsive web design is the new standard. Hendricks writes, “It’s been found that 85% of smartphone users believe that a mobile website should be as good, if not better, than the desktop site.”
  2. “Click to Call CTA”: Make it easy and straightforward with a large button a human thumb can tap that will move them to the next level of engagement with you.
  3. “Adwords Call Extensions”: Make sure your phone number is visible and tappable in your Google AdWords ad. 
  4. “Easy to Read Mobile Emails”: The author reveals that, “Studies have found that 48% of emails are now opened on mobile devices. Despite the fact that almost half of all emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet, research has also found that a whopping 89% of email marketers aren’t optimized for mobile.”
  5. “Retargeting for Desktop”: Research also shows that within a given day, 90% of us utilize more than one device in accomplishing a single goal. Therefore, keep in mind that your eCommerce site should perform excellently on all devices, including the good old desktop.

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