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5 Tips for Assembling a Stellar Sales Team

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    1Set the right quota, neither too high nor low. 2Reward and celebrate success. 3Foster healthy competition.
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In his article on, Nick Hedges, CEO of Velocify, cited a study that found that 71 percent of sales leaders struggle with creating and maintaining effective sales teams.

Hedges put together the following list that managers can use to help “attract and retain a talented group of salespeople.”

1. “Strike the proper balance between inside and field sales.”

Hedges says the rise of technology and proliferation of free information has made the purchasing process easier for the consumer to complete without the presence of a salesperson. This makes focusing on inside sales more critical than before.

Tip: Evaluate your team and leverage their strengths to make sure the right people are placed in the right kind of sales interactions.

2. “Reward great sales performance.”

Good salespeople are motivated by healthy competition and the possibility of proving themselves. Good salespeople want to be on commission because it is an opportunity for unlimited earnings according to the results they expect to produce. If a salesperson is insisting on a base salary, consider this a red flag.

Tip: Never cap commissions because that kills the spirit of achievement that drives confident salespeople.

3. “Ensure quotas are aggressive but realistic.”

Making quotas too high can have a detrimental effect on a salesperson’s achievement-driven psychology. In the mind of a high achieving sales pro, meeting quota is the bare minimum sign that they are adequate. They need to feel above average and exceptional.

Tip: Make the quotas high enough that they’re somewhat of a challenge to reach for average performers, but easily attainable for the exceptional performers.

4. “Create a culture that celebrates sales success.”

Recognition is a natural human driver, and is especially important for stoking the competitive and goal-oriented psychology that fuels great salespeople.

Tip: Regularly acknowledge successes and take the time to celebrate when targets have been met.

5. “Wear the company’s competitiveness with pride.”

Look for the competitive spirit when interviewing candidates. Most successful salespeople will not be shy to list various games or activities where they keep track of their ranking, even if it’s their personal bowling score or record laps in the pool.

Tip: Ask when they last won something outside of work or exceeded a goal.

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