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How to Become a Better Sales Manager

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    1Use coaching skills and bring forth results. 2Learn to identify and select top talent. 3Stay on top of performance management.
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Sales Management

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The performance of salespeople has been proven over time to be directly influenced by the quality of sales management. The trouble is, most managers have difficulty leading sales reps effectively. An article by Steven Rosen on lists five skills that managers can work on to improve results.

1. Coaching.

Coaching may sound like a luxury that you have no time for, but working individually with each sales representative is critical to their success.

Coaching salespeople has been shown to:

  • improve sales figures
  • decrease turnover
  • increase employee job satisfaction

There are many books on the topic of sales coaching that can help you learn this challenging but rewarding skill. Here are a couple titles to try:

  • “Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions,” by Keith Rosen
  • “Sales Coaching: Making the Great Leap from Sales Manager to Sales Coach,” by Linda Richardson

2. A strategic mind.

The more familiar you are with complex issues affecting your industry, the more intelligence and wisdom you bring to both short and long-term decision-making and planning. Successful sales leaders are well-informed and are constantly researching new business skills.

3. Good hiring.

Hiring mistakes can be expensive and frustrating. The article says successful sales managers must sharpen their ability to detect the most talented candidates.

One tip to prevent hiring the wrong person is to never be in a hurry to hire. Keep your eyes open for new talent in unexpected places and be on the lookout year round, not just when you have an immediate vacancy to fill.

4. Performance management.

Conduct quarterly reviews and have systems in place to periodically give feedback to sales staff about their performance, with possible solutions ready to implement.

5. Leadership.

“Sales managers need to be strong leaders. The key to developing strong sales leaders is for your sales managers to be able to create and share a vision with their sales team,” Rosen says.

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