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5 Entrepreneurial Qualities that Make Great Salespeople

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    1Salespeople, like entrepreneurs, are totally committed. 2They think like scientists and are open and curious. 3They know how to be strategic and work smarter.
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Because of unfortunate associations, a career in sales is unappealing to many young people, says Yoav Vilner in an article on To counter negative perceptions of sales, Vilner offers millennials a new way of looking at a salesperson—as an entrepreneur. It turns out the same principles that we admire in entrepreneurs are also at work in the field of sales.

5 Entrepreneurial Qualities that make Salespeople Successful:

1. A “whatever it takes attitude”

Great salespeople, like great entrepreneurs, “do not take no for an answer.” In the end, the key to closing sales is persistence, patience, and hard work.

2. A “do-or-die ethos”

Successful entrepreneurs learn to face and overcome challenges and obstacles. They stay focused and persistent in “the face of failure.” Their confidence gives them the boost they need to set goals, work hard, and make sales.

3. A scientist’s mindset

Curiosity is a trait of the highly successful. They remain open to using tools and data “to test their hypotheses and predictions.” They continue to research the latest strategies in sales and marketing.

4. They “work smarter, not harder.”

Salespeople who think like entrepreneurs are strategic with where they invest their time and energy. They don’t go out of their way for every client. Vilner quotes the Pareto Principle that says 80 percent of your sales will come from just 20 percent of your customers.

Vilner acknowledges that most people dislike the thought of treating clients unequally, but the most successful salespeople give preference to their best clients and prospects.

5. An attentive listener

Entrepreneurial salespeople understand how to build relationships with customers by attentive listening. Because they have learned to become good listeners, customers feel understood and trust is established.

6. A risk taker

He reminds us that no salesperson has ever achieved great results by staying in his or her comfort zone.

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