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3 Ways SMBs Should Use Google+

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Jan 13th, 2015
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    1Google+ gives you the SEO advantage. 2People who search on Google Maps will find you. 3What you share on the platform goes far and wide.
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Search Engine Optimization

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As a new social network, Google+ hasn’t yet won over the masses, but when it comes to small businesses, Google+ definitely has a lot to offer, says Sara Angeles in her recent article on Business News Daily.

Angeles says Google+ can boost your company’s visibility and SEO ranking. Makes sense, considering that the Google+ platform is integrated with Google’s search engine and Google Business Solutions.

This means that small businesses who use Google + . . .

“have the ability to draw customers in by providing key business information — such as location and directions, phone number, photos, reviews and more — right on search pages,” Angeles writes.

The author also points out that anyone who searches for you on Google will be led to see information about your company that you share with your Google+ circles.

Ready to give it a try? The article describes how to get started.

Three ways to make use of Google+

1. The SEO advantage
As the author already pointed out, SEO ranking is one of the most compelling reasons to use Google+. She recommends maximizing the advantage of being in the Google family by combining your Google+ Local Page (your Google Maps listing) and your Google+ Business page. Then your business will pop up higher when people search by location.

2. Visuals
Put a photo of your business headquarters on your Google+ page—it will give legitimacy when it appears on your search engine result pages, making users feel more at ease.

3. Share content
A rule of thumb is that you first post as your company page, but then from your personal Google+ account, share the post with individuals in your network, including a thoughtful personal comment to trigger engagement. This will take that post a lot further than it otherwise would go.

To read the original article in its entirety, please visit Business News Daily.

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