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3 Ways to Know if You Need an App

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    1Updating an app can be a laborious process. 2Apps won't directly affect your SEO. 3Mobile or responsive design is quicker to develop.
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Developing an app for your business is cool, modern and an overall great idea, right? Well, as long as you’re just looking for something to impress strangers with during cocktail party small-talk, sure. But apps may not be right for every business, according to an article that appeared in Business Matters by Jason Gaved of Lexel.

The author poses the question: does your company really need an app, or just a mobile-optimized website? The article asserts that in many cases, an app is not necessary. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Mobile usage

The advantage of an app is in being able to provide enhanced functionality through a mobile device. You should definitely not create an app unless you truly plan on leveraging key smartphone features, such as location services, push notifications and the camera.

A mobile-optimized website can be updated frequently, but an app is more of a silo. It is cumbersome to update an app, and changes are subject to the app store’s approval.

2. SEO

Unless you are already a well-known brand, like Chase Bank or Yelp, not that many people will be searching for your app, the author says. “Mobile websites are much more ‘findable’ because their pages can be displayed in search results. Apps are part of a closed environment and won’t directly affect your search ratings,” Gaved continues.

3. Costs

Apps are more expensive to create. A very basic app can start at $9000. Integrating responsive design into your mobile-optimized website is much more economical and straightforward for a developer to accomplish.

All that being said, the author admits that an app can certainly be a great tool, as long as a couple of conditions are met: “If your app is to provide a service through the actual functions of the phone – often for an established or niche following – it might be the best investment you ever make,” Gaved concludes.

To read the original article in its entirety, please visit Business Matters.

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