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3 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

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    1Focus on a specific topic. 2Be relevant to the sites you place ads. 3Use a logical path to your CTA.
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Search Engine Optimization

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If your landing pages receive lots of visitors, that’s good, but if your conversion rates are low, then it doesn’t matter. You need to be able to increase your conversion rates in as many ways as possible.

Here are three practical SEO techniques that will help you with this goal: 

  1. Focus on a specific topic.

One of the biggest mistakes made with any sort of internet marketing campaign is the failure to focus on a specific topic. When trying to increase search engine rankings, it is absolutely essential to focus on one single thing in order to improve the amount of importance it receives from the major search engines.

The same concept applies to increasing conversion rates. Instead of trying to promote multiple topics or items, you should concentrate on one thing and one thing only.

By using this simple technique, you drastically increase the chances that interested individuals will respond positively to your message.

That is why landing pages focusing on specific themes and topics are preferred over websites that present more of an overall view of what a company does.

  1. Be relevant.

Topical relevance is one of the most important SEO factors that must be considered. Likewise, this element is also of utmost importance when trying to convert leads.

Therefore, your landing pages need to be topically related to the sites where you place your ads. This greatly improves your chances of having more conversions because the traffic that is generated will be genuinely interested in your content.

  1. Use a well organized hierarchy.

Your presentation should be well-ordered and follow a clear logical path; it should also be labeled with the proper heading tags. This high level of organization will also increase your chances of getting more conversions because your potential customers will be more willing to follow a clearly defined path to your CTA.

Tip: when a presentation is laid out in an orderly fashion with neatly labeled sections, your CTA at the bottom of your landing page may be perceived by many as a “next” button. With this design and flow, the leap from potential customer to satisfied buyer is not as difficult to make.


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