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3 Confidence-Building Tips for Phone Sales

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    1"Feedback should never be confused with criticism. " 2All representatives should "own" the company's values. 3Knowledge of competition helps strengthen the pitch.
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For call center sales agents, confidence makes all the difference in performance. Confidence both in oneself and in the company’s product or service can be cultivated over time with the right mix of training and positive experiences.

In an article on Business 2 Community, Euan Johnston, Marketing Manager for Bellcom Worldwide, offers his three most important tips to confidence building of call center staff.

How to build a sales agent’s confidence:

1. Feedback

Successful managers are confidence builders. While trainers must provide both positive and negative feedback, feedback should not be confused with criticism.

The manager’s job is to offer solutions and suggest ways agents can improve their performance. The overall experience should be positive and help build your agent’s confidence.

2. Communication & Training

Successful managers familiarize agents with the company’s vision and values so they feel part of the organization.

When onboarding new hires, Johnston suggests that managers “involve existing call center agents in training to boost new agent confidence – this will also ensure your existing agents feel part of the process instead of being controlled by it.”

3. Going off-script

Confident and well-trained agents are able to go off-script. They are able to interact with customers in a natural way because they have a thorough understanding of the company and its services.

Proper training ensures agents understand your products and services and are able to communicate the benefits, prices and additional services you offer. Knowledge builds the agent’s confidence and ability to make sales.

Excellent training pays off.

Confident and knowledgeable sales professionals are the most effective in representing your company. Your efforts to train, inspire and retain good salespeople will positively impact their sales numbers, Johnston says.

To read the original article in its entirety, please visit Business 2 Community.

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