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2015 Trends with Video Marketing

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Jul 23rd, 2015
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    1Video expected to triple in size in 2015. 2Only 10% of marketers are are measuring video analytics. 3YouTube should supplement, not supplant your strategy.
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Gone are the days when research required actual work besides sitting in front of your computer and letting something be explained to you. It should be no surprise that online videos are proving to be the world’s favorite method to consume digital content.

Additionally, video is proving to be one of the most successful digital marketing tactics that is expected to triple in size in 2015. We’ve summarized three major reasons that video marketing is hot in 2015 below:

1. Why Pressing Play is Hot

We’ve already noted that video is one of the most surefire ways to increase click-through rates and conversions on your landing page. Even more so, clicking the PLAY button is becoming the most powerful call-to-action.

This year, experts are expecting for video to substantially grow in email marketing, content marketing and SEO. You might notice video banner ads as you are browsing some of your favorite websites.

2. Analytics aren’t just for Google….they’re for video too!

Now more than ever, marketers are able to learn much more about their advertisement’s response simply by the amount of time someone spends watching video content in the ad.

No longer do you simply learn how often someone views your ad and who’s watching, but now you can measure the amount of time they spend watching, when they lose interest,  and at what point it contributes to sales.

As a startup business, you can gain competitive advantage by starting to do this sooner rather than later. With companies increasingly investing their marketing efforts in video, you’d be surprised to know that only about one-tenth of them are measuring analytics.

Hop aboard the digital trend and you could become a leader in your local community.

3. YouTube should be the supplement, not the primary video marketing source

YouTube is an excellent driver for expanding your company’s reach and a key to gaining large audiences quickly.

However, one common mistake that startup businesses are making is that they are using YouTube to host their videos for their website and other social media verticals. While YouTube is cheap and convenient, it doesn’t offer any of the video optimization techniques mentioned above. Let your YouTube channel complement your primary video marketing strategy.

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