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10 ways to use reviews and backlinks to improve local SEO

Mohammad Farooq
Mar 30th, 2016
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    1A Google+ page can help you connect with customers 2Blogging is the fastest way to get traffic 3Ensure the information is correct
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Search Engine Optimization

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As a local business, it is important to use all of the tools in your arsenal to bring people back to your website.

From there, it is easy to turn those people into leads, turn those leads into sales, and turn those sales into repeat customers with the help of good sales copy.

But the burning question is how does one create a constant flow of traffic towards a website, targeting local people in the area?

Here are ten ways that you can use reviews and backlinks to drive traffic to your website with the help of these Local SEO Tips.

1) Create a Google+ Business Page

If your local business does not have a presence on Google Plus you are missing out on some amazing SEO juice for your website.

Google+ is described as a ‘social layer’ that serves to enhance in online properties. It helps your SEO and will create more awareness for your business on Google.

Having a Google+ page can help you connect with customers via organic search and puts business owners in the drivers seat of their brands.

Depending on the nature of you page, it will be able to enhance the appearance of your brand on Google and will encourage engagement with your brand.

Linking your Google+ with your website will also allow your blog posts and news stories to show up in the Google search results, making your brand even more visible on the internet.

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2) Claim your local directory

If you run a small business, chances are there are review sites and directories out there with reviews of your business that you do not even know about.

This is a treasure trove of traffic for your business and if you are not taking advantage of that, you are really missing out on SEO gold.

Many pages such as allow you to take ownership of the page, which gives you analytics of who is looking at your page, how many people go to your website, and you will be able to see any reviews that are posted.

Once you claim your business, you can then respond to comments if someone has said something very negative.

3) Start blogging

Blogging is the fastest way to get traffic back to your website, particularly if you can tap into the power of local bloggers.

There are thousands of people in your city blogging about what you are trying to sell.

If you own a great restaurant, offer some recipes to an influential local blogger in exchange for some coverage, or offer them a free meal.

Additionally, create your own blog to get really strong SEO, and strong Google search results.

If you are unsure how to start blogging, there are plenty of guides available from companies such as

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4) Pick smart social platforms

One of the worst things a business can do is to get on every social media platform just for social media’s sake.

If you are a restaurant, you will be very visual so this will suit Instagram. If you make textiles, you would best be on Pinterest. There is something for everyone.

It is also very time-consuming to be everywhere. You are better off choosing two or three platforms and doing them extremely well.

If you can choose the right social media for your business, you will be able to create meaningful links back to your business.

5) Encourage reviews

You cannot underestimate the power of WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing, especially for bricks and mortar businesses.

As we now live in a digital age, word of mouth has gone tech.

Encourage reviews on Yelp and other databases that will create some good and meaningful local SEO that you can take to the bank.

6) Build strong links

Building strong links can seem an impossible task. Where do you start?

Essentially, a back link is having your link posted on any other website that will serve to drive traffic back to a landing page of your choosing (preferable a sales page).

There are plenty of good ways to get backlinks, including LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Ezine Articles, other blogs, social media and pretty much any review or listing site on the world wide web.

7) Don’t waste time with spam

So many business owners fall into the trap of buying backlinks on places like Fiverr, which promise 10,000 backlinks for $5.

Beware – anything that sounds too good to be true; more than likely is too good to be true.

What you are looking for is quality links that are going to turn into sales.

You may get 10,000 links, but you are not likely to get any money out of those links and in that case, what is the point?

322 Illus/Chart with icons and Keywords for Startup company

8) Strategise keywords

Google is all about the keywords. SEO is designed to essentially show Google that your website is relevant to peoples’ searches.

Take the time to look at keywords that are working in your local area to ensure you understand where the traffic is going to come from.

If you can come up with a list of five or six strong keywords for your local area, you will see your traffic skyrocket.

Google has a great keyword tool that you can use to research.

9) Ensure your information is correct

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is that they have so many different profiles that when they change opening hours or phone number (or website most importantly), they do not do so uniformly across the profiles.

Make sure you keep all of the information correct across your profiles.

10) Manage your pages and moderate

As stated in an earlier point, people are leaving reviews of your business every day (even on your Facebook page).

Make sure you are managing those pages and moderating the comments.

If you find one that you really like, shout them out on your Facebook page and earn some goodwill with your community.

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