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10 SEO Tasks That Startups Should Prioritize

Brian Hong
Mar 18th, 2016
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Search Engine Optimization

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Your SEO strategy is at the core of your success online. It will have a huge impact on the amount of organic traffic that your business receives from the search engines.

Most companies fail because they prioritize the wrong tasks when it comes to SEO. Even for businesses that are already experiencing the benefits of SEO, they often need periodically review their efforts to see if they are getting the maximum results.

Here are 10 SEO tasks that all companies should prioritize for the best results.

  • Use Responsive Design

Responsive design is essential for ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly. Google considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor so you must make sure that your site displays properly on mobile devices.

  • Install Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics on your site from the beginning will save you the headache of trying to figure out where your traffic is coming from once your site is established. In addition, the setting up Google Analytics will also ensure that your site is indexed quickly by Google.

  • Perform Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of your SEO strategy. You should select the right keywords to target and change your strategy accordingly as you start to see results. If you do not know what the right target keywords should be, it may be difficult to determine if your SEO strategy is actually having a positive effect on your business in terms of sales and leads.

  • Setup Local Search Accounts

If you have a local business, it is important that you establish your local directory listings with Google and other websites to show that your website is established. Make sure that you dedicate a member of your team to check these listings periodically to ensure that they are always accurate and up-to-date.

  • Plan Your Link Building Strategy

Links are just as important as the other aspects of SEO and can have a major impact on your rankings. You will need create a plan of how you will build internal and external links for your website.

  • Follow Sites That Provide the Latest SEO Advice

If you plan to learn more about SEO in addition to hiring someone to handle your SEO strategy, you will need to stay on top of the latest SEO news. Recommending outdated SEO techniques to a professional because you have not kept up with the trends will only lead to disagreements and delays that could have been avoided.

  • Develop a Content Strategy

Although, you may think of your content strategy as separate from your SEO efforts, the truth is that they go hand-in-hand when it comes to helping to build your SEO strategy. As you develop your plan, figure out your keyword strategy and how you will incorporate the keywords to target in your content.

  • Develop a Growth Plan for Your Site Structure

As your site grows, you need to plan for how the pages of your site will fit together in a defined structure. If you want your site to achieve the highest rankings, you must plan for the expansion of your website in advance.

  • Check Google Search Console

Schedule times to check for technical errors with your website in Google Search Console on a regular basis. By making sure that your site is error-free, you can ensure that your business will receive consistent rankings in the search engines.

  • Dedicate Resources

The most important part of your SEO strategy should involve figuring out what dedicated resources to use for the implementation of your SEO strategy. You may want to use your in-house team to perform regular tasks or you may want to hire an SEO company. Regardless of your decision, make sure that there are checks and balances in place so that you can hold every member of your SEO team accountable for the progress of your SEO implementation plan.

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Brian Hong

Infintech Designs is a New Orleans based SEO & Web Design company. They provide data driven, measurable internet marketing campaigns with trackable results. Brian Hong and his small team of SEO ninjas are dedicated to increasing their client’s search engine visibility, leads, and sales online.