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The 10 Day Startup Launch

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Jan 30th, 2015
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    1Starting a business does not have to drag out forever. 2"If you think you can do this, you will." 3Don't be intimidated, just use this guide and breathe.
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Business Plans

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Establishing your new business might sound like a time-consuming, overwhelming project and one that could stretch out way too long. To snap you out of procrastination, Nina Zipkin wrote an article for Entrepreneur describing how the process could be done in just 10 days.

Day 1: “Write a business plan.”

Putting your ideas on paper is the first step to getting them in front of potential investors.

Day 2: “Study the market.”

“Figure out where your products and services stack up compared to your competitors. Find out who your target customers are and what rules and regulations are unique to your industry,” Zipkin writes.

Day 3: “Create your brand.”

This is where you design a logo, choose a company name, website and uniform brand identity.

Day 4: “Get your legal affairs in order.”

Zipkin suggests that you utilize the services of a legal professional for the many documents needed to establish your entity, and also for trademarking your brand and/or products.

Day 5: “Keep overhead low.”

She recommends being extremely frugal as a startup. Accept that you may have to endure a sparse work environment in the beginning.

Day 6: “Network, network, network.”

Now is the time to spread the word, through your social media accounts and in-person events, industry conferences, etc.

Day 7: “Media exposure.”

“Find the outlets and writers whose readership will be interested in your products and services, and pitch them in an engaging and dynamic way,” she suggests.

Day 8: “Be your own self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Believe in your vision and stay positive.

Day 9: “Focus on earning income.”

Outsource any non-essential tasks so you can focus on creating revenue.

Day 10: “Celebrate.”

Reflect on your achievements so far and seek feedback.

While the article is lightehearted and slightly tongue-in-cheek about the timeline above, the basic message is: don’t be daunted by this process. Launching a business can be contained within a relatively short time period.

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