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My name is Laurie Sluser. I live in a small town in Fairfield, Iowa (no not Ohio or Idaho … Iowa … but that’s another story). I have been in small business for most of my adult life. I co-founded a successful marketing company with 2 dear friends many years ago. Most recently, for the past 16 years, I ran a national software engineering staffing company. I have had the joy of working with smart people, close friends and family and we all wore many hats. And one experience repeated itself over and over again. A problem would arise and we wanted a solution now. Google is great but the searches for our needs were often unsatisfactory. It was obvious that there was a gap in the market.

When I went out on my own last summer I got together with Ruby, a life long friend of mine and we were determined to come up with a solution to this market need. There should be one site with practical answers and useful information for every phase and type of small business. Software companies and florists, restaurants and online businesses, consultants and manufacturers, you get the idea. One site that helps all types of small businesses to grow.

And from that inspiration bizHUMM emerged.

We hope you enjoy bizHUMM and use it often. Let us know how we can improve. We really will listen. And so will our mascot Hummy.

BTW, Laurie is a guy (I had a mother with an unusual sense of humor) and so is Ruby (I couldn’t make this stuff up).

Enjoy your small business adventure. We are glad to be a small part of your journey.

All the best,

Laurie Neil Sluser

Ruby Finkelstein